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18U – Sean Hall
       + Mike Perry
       + Emma Thomas
18U – Jim Koltes
       + Bob Beedle
       + Audrey Benderski
16U – Don Bross
       + Shreya Ashok
       + Taylor Bross
16U – Mike Perry
15U – Tori Holt
       + Mike Orth
       + Tuscany Ballot
14U – Jeremy Chell
       + Rick Thomas
13U – Corey Schweich
       + Nat Wagner
12U – Melinda Antonson
       + Tim Johnson
18U – Chris Iliopoulos
       + Sam Denuccio
18U – Bryan Woodley
       + Joshua Woodley
16U – Alan Krueger
       + Joe Head
16U – Tony Loftus
       + Mike Kloss
15U – Dave Rumpca
       + Troy Gross
14U – Pat Ring
13U – Amy Kotzmacher
       + Chad Kostecka
       + Kevin Kostecka
18U Reg. – Tommie Gaston
                + Chris Casura
16U North – Jess Bowman
                 + Emily Olson
16U South – Josh Wigley
                 + Ryan Thomas
                 + Brian Walduogel
16U East – Crista Walsh
                + Brent Odenbrett
14U NW   – Mark Wilson
               + Mike Franz
               + Teron Ormond-Miller
14U South – Corey Noren
                 + Josh Kaas
                 + Kia Johnson
14U East – Dave Pyrz
               + Steve Minikel
12U Reg. – Chad Kraml
               + Hannah Breeggeman

Why Midwest Speed Plays Heart of America Fastpitch League &
Alliance Fastpitch Nationals


In 2020, the Heart of America Elite Fastpitch League as well as several other leagues including Texas, Rocky Mountain, Pacific Coast, Northeast and Southeastern Leagues were formed under Alliance Fastpitch. The Alliance uses other sanctioning bodies like USA Softball, USSSA and Triple Crown to help run their National Tournaments.


The cost to play Elite Softball has really risen and one of the main factors for starting these leagues is to try and keep costs down. One of the main culprits on driving up costs is the “Stay to Play” Tournaments. Generally these tournaments raise the room prices about $20 per night. This is a significant amount for teams that are traveling all over the country. A family playing an HFL/ALLIANCE SCHEDULE over an entire year with 25 Hotel Nights might save about $500 without paying the extra $20 per night. This saves families a lot of money and makes it easier to find lodging.


PGF still has some strong teams and will always be a quality national tournament however the tide has hanged and some have said about 75% of the top finishers in Colorado played in the Alliance National Tournament. At Midwest Speed, we want to measure ourselves against the best teams in the country! For more information on Midwest Speed or the HFL/ALLIANCE contact Sean Hall at Sean@sandcsportsservices.com or call/text 651-336-8020.

Top 9 Things to Know about Club Try-Outs

by Sean Hall

  1. It’s critical to do research before you tryout. With 90% of the tryouts being on Monday, August 9th you can’t afford to go to a tryout that you’re not really that interested in. If you really don’t have any genuine interest in a program you shouldn’t go to a tryout there. You would be wasting your time and energy as well as the clubs.
  2. Know what questions you need to ask before making a decision. These questions are ok. Where do you see me fitting in on this team? What kind of pitching/catching time would I potentially get? How much does it cost? What does that include? Who would my coaches be? With that said, be prepared that you might not get a complete answer. The coach may not have all the answers especially early in the process of try-outs.
  3. Go to your “perceived” favorite clubs as early as you can. Nearly all clubs will start offering roster spots on day 1. If you wait until day #2 there might be less spots available. Showing up to the first tryout day tells that club you want to be there.
  4. Players will get offered different roster spots at different times. Just because you don’t get an immediate call doesn’t mean you won’t get a call.
  5. The Clubs talk to each other. We share with each other in an effort to help athletes find a good home, and in some cases warn each other about potential concerns. If you haven’t paid your bill from the previous year or if a player or parent has a bad attitude there is a good chance we have been warned. Don’t try to play different clubs off against each other…most of us talk before, during and after tryouts.
  6. You will likely get 24-48 hours to make a decision once you have an offer. Some clubs might give you longer. The sooner you are able to make your decision the more it helps ALL the programs you have tried out with. It also helps other players who may be waiting to hear about their options. It is in many cases a true domino effect.
  7. There really is a team for everyone. We have a lot of amazing programs that cater to different types of softball players, different family priorities, budgets, etc.
  8. It’s a year long commitment so make sure you do your due diligence with questions. As a club director I would always welcome a player back if they left at the end of the season and didn’t cause drama during the season. But that player that quits mid-season really puts the team in a tough position and would MOST likely not be welcomed back.


We have been very fortunate that the Midwest Speed has one of the highest player commitment rates in the upper midwest. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our players, coaches and families. We promise to stay committed to our players and families so that they may continue to enjoy continued success.


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