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We know there can be a lot of questions when thinking about playing club fastpitch softball. We try to answer those questions on this page but if you don't find your answer here please Contact Us and we will get the answers you need.

General Questions

What is the time commitment?

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How much travel is there?

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Where do we practice?




Do we play league games?

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Who are the coaches and do you have specialty coaches?

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Do you help with college recruitment? How?

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What is the financial commitment?

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provide info on payment plans

provide info on scholarships/financial support

Do you have a volunteer commitment?

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Seasons & Schedules

What does the Fall Season look like?

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Include start date / end date

# of tournaments

# of days for training

What does the Winter Season look like?

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Training program(s)



What does the Summer Season look like?

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Include start date / end date

# of tournaments

# of days for training

Tryouts & Team Selection

What are the tryouts like?

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When & how do we sign up for tryouts?

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Is there a tryout fee?

Yes – we charge a $40 fee to participate in our tryouts.

Do you have multiple tryout days?

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How do I find out if I made a team?

You will be emailed within 48 hours of your tryout. This email will let you know 1 of three things; an offer, waiting for a roster spot to open, no offer. Some individuals will receive a waiting email because we are waiting to hear back from other players first..

How many players do you keep?

We want to keep out teams between 10-13 players.

Is there equal playing time?

All players will have a chance to play. We want to stay competitive with our competition which may result in some players playing more than others.

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